What is it?

Kioubic was born of a lack.

Lack of working space (office, young company…) at home. Lack of separation between living and working spaces.

Lack of living space in a family that is getting bigger. Lack of a relaxation area in a well-paced life.

Lack of time or money to consider a comprehensive conversion project.

Kioubic is the solution for all these lacks: an agile, dynamic and functional response to so many constraints. A space just for you, a breath of fresh air.

Kioubic is also a sustainable project: sustainable construction that is well thought out. It is immediate and ecological and overcomes the constraints of construction periods.

Kioubic is ready, and for a long time.

Easy to connect, ergonomic, flexible and sustainable. Kioubic was born from a need often detected by the teams of Kioub. It is a ‘ready-to-use’ response to needs for completing extensions quickly within a controlled budget.

Located at the bottom of the garden, connected to your room,

Kioub, More Living Space