The team

Your need for space have brought you to Kioub and its team, a high-energy solution for contemporary and sustainable construction design.

Modularity and complementarity are the biggest advantages of a “one-stop-shop” like Kioub.

Two factors are at the heart of our working method: listening and dialogue.

There is nothing like an on-site conversation in your home or office to define the main themes of your project and reflect on a solution that puts your desires and needs at the heart of the process.

A structure and two pillars:

  • Sarah Santin, founder of Sarah Santin, design d’intérieur.

With her team of interior designers, Sarah undertakes all the aspects related to architecture and interior design. From an initial reflection to the overall conception of your layout, including the management of lighting, colouring, and the production of made-to-measure furniture…

  • Julien Binet: contractor and founder of Alium

With his specialist construction and completion teams, Julien undertakes all the phases of your renovation, conversion and organisation projects for your private or work spaces with great professionalism.

These two teams are highly efficient and complement each other, involving themselves – either as a group or on an individual basis – depending on your desires or needs.