The Environnement

A responsible environmental approach represents a great advantage for your project. Our sustainable vision has a direct impact on your energy consumption, your well-being in the living or work spaces, and the integration of your habitat into its natural setting.

Kioub is characterised by its contemporary and sustainable approach.

The environment plays a key role in our approach to design and construction: in the choice of materials, less transport, and working with quality local professionals.

Our advice on construction techniques, insulation, sanitation, heating and lighting are also based on a long-term vision, taking into account the working life of the materials and their impact on your power bills. This expertise helps you to make rational and measured choices.

Kioub also pays constant attention to its own ecological footprint (eco-driving, choice of office furniture, rationalisation of energy, training, home-office…) on a daily basis as part of its responsible management philosophy.



Kioub et son partenaire Alium s’engagent concrètement dans la protection des abeilles. Découvrez notre projet en cliquant ici.