Philosophy behind the project

Your needs evolve, as does the composition of your family. Kioubic follows you through life.


Kioubic is modular and versatile and evolves over time.

More than ever, modularity is the vogue. Adaptation. Speed. Kioubic responds to these needs and proposes well thought out ‘ready to use’ solutions. Extra work space, another bedroom, a teenager’s room, a chill-out area… Kioubic is easy to install and evolves according to your needs.


Its name, shape, materials, layout, ergonomics, modular nature… Kioubic is a project to be lived, reflecting its creators. An “EXTRA living space” that gives a playful and cheerful element to everyday life, while adding new value to your habitat. Decidedly contemporary, Kioubic is a ‘green’ construction with sustainable design.


Through the choice of materials and its implementation, Kioubic is an environmentally-friendly construction.

It also conforms to ‘sustainable relations’ criteria: among the members of the family, to offer both space and privacy to everyone. Through a balance between home and work too, not forgetting the different options that your Kioubic will give you over time: a work space today, a guest bedroom tomorrow, a chill-out area or pool house a bit further away … at the bottom of the garden.