Our services

Kioub’s services… only for complete projects?

Not at all!

A la carte, according to your needs, you can call on Kioub’s skills to make your project come true.

Kioub offers personalised support for your projects: complete conversion, renovation, enlargement, decoration and interior design, office design, organisation of circulation zones, the rationalisation of storage facilities…

Our working method is based on listening and dialogue.

At the start of each assignment we jointly define the main themes of your project and discuss a solution that puts your desires and needs at the heart of the process.

Design service by Kioub

Sarah Santin and her team of interior designers conceive your project, based on an on-going dialogue. Meetings and consultations are a part of the process, which focuses on your needs.

– Definition of the project following a detailed interview with you.

– Definition of the estimated budget.

– Site survey, when necessary..

– Conception of the project: :

  • preparation of a layout plan
  • preparation of lighting plans
  • choice of furniture, and creation of made-to-measure furniture
  • choice of dressings for windows/showcases
  • choice of materials and colours
  • plans of technical details
  • performance of a survey and a preliminary budget.

– If you wish, Kioub can provide a quote for the carrying out of the work.

Customised service by Kioub

Julien Binet and his teams translate your bright ideas on sight. Flexibility and ingeniousness within a rigorous coordination process.

– preparation of a quote based on the survey made by Kioub or other professionals (architects, interior designers, decorators…)

– proposal of a schedule to carry out the building work, ranging from structural works to:

  • insulation
  • outdoor carpentry
  • special techniques: electricity, sanitation, heating
  • ceilings, false ceilings, partitions
  • plastering and coatings
  • tiling
  • interior carpentry
  • made-to-measure furniture
  • bathrooms
  • kitchens