A unique service, a live-in design.

Kioub’s philosophy is simple: it sets out to provide a response to your need for space without ever losing sight of the fundamentals. A daily blend of ergonomics and aesthetics. The combination of technical constraints with a sustainable and contemporary live-in design.

Kioub offers its clients a unique service that incorporates interior design, monitoring and carrying out of the building work.

From the draft project to the final finish, Kioub’s professionals design, develop, fine-tune and give life to your project.

Kioub’s services for everyone.

Whatever the nature of your project – private or professional – you will find a partner you can trust in Kioub.

Every space is unique and requires a made-to-measure approach that responds to your needs, desires and constraints.

Kioub offers you the comfort of a quality service, guaranteed by a unique partner.

Our overall coordination is efficient and economic, both for your planning process and for your budget.